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Will My Child Benefit from PT   

Does your child have difficulties with movement, muscle coordination, posture control, or balance? Have you noticed that your child is behind other children in motor skills, moves more slowly than other children, or avoids certain types of play? Did your infant struggle to learn to roll over, sit-up, or pull to stand? Does your child stiffen his trunk or limbs, arch his body, keep his hands fisted, or routinely stand or walk on his toes? Is your child unusually floppy or weak, having difficulty performing movements against gravity? Have you noticed any tremors or shaking during your child’s movements? Does he favor the use of one side of his body over the other? Was your child born prematurely?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions or are concerned in any way about the way your child’s movements are developing, then a physical therapy evaluation will determine whether your child would benefit from services. Please feel free to call us with questions or consult with your child’s pediatrician or Child Service Coordinator about whether a physical therapy evaluation would benefit your child.





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